Parenting On purpose

one-day seminar

In modern culture, we are often trained into thinking we can get things done easier and quicker if we just find the right tool or technique. However, in parenting, there are no quick fixes. Parenting takes more time, more attention, and more love. Our children do not need more things or more money; they need quality time and a solid example from you. Parenting on purpose will teach you how to build your households by using a Biblical parenting philosophy while elevating the good that you see in your children.

Saturday, April 21


(Doors open at 8:30am)

Cost: $15/Couple   $8/Single

Childcare available 12 years and under: $3/Child (max $10/Family)

*Lunch included for Parents & Children


See Seminar Schedule Below for Full Details

Seminar Schedule

8:30am: Doors open

Coffee and Breakfast Pastries Provided

Coffee Cart open

       Specialty Drinks $3

       *locally roasted by 10-speed coffee roasters


Session 1: Right Beginnings

Session 2: The Marriage Centered Home

10:30-10:45am: Break

Morning Refreshments, Coffee Cart open


Session 3: The Parenting Seasons

Session 4: Character Development


Box Lunch - Catered by Pine St. Bakery (included in Registration fee)


Session 5: Guidelines for Obedience

Session 6: Discipline

2:00pm- 2:15pm: Break

Refreshments available


Session 7: Jesus the Teenager

Session 8: Where do we go from Here?


**Childcare for kids 5 and under will be available in our Pre-School room. A Mother's Room is available with video streaming of all sessions for mothers needing to take breaks to feed or care for infants.

**Kids 6-12 will have fun at a Day-Camp, led by missionary and child evangelist, Mark Dunagan.

They will participate in games, activities and special lessons on topics such as 'honor' and the 'fruits of the spirit' as they relate to biblical character development.

**A pizza lunch and healthy snacks will be provided for all kids. If your child requires a special diet, please bring them a sack lunch and our teachers will be happy to assist them with it.