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"Fitting our lives around our faith"

-Caleb Bell-

“I have an obsession with 3D printing.”

When asked about who he was, his various interests, and hobbies, this was Caleb’s first response.  For the past 5 years, Caleb has thrown himself into the art and science of creating and painting 3D printed objects. With two printers running at home nearly 24-7, he enjoys printing everything from props, to miniatures, to helpful items around the house. He has printed things for friends, family, businesses, and even figures for our very own CHR Game Nights (which he gives as gifts for everyone in attendance).

“It fascinates me to take raw, unformed material and create anything from it, with little effort on my part. You upload a design, and the machine makes it for you, transmitting 3D objects from the digital to the physical realm.”

Creating things is in Caleb’s blood. His father a civil engineer, his mother an artist, Caleb was involved in the building of their house on Underwood Mountain from a young age. Surrounded by family, his childhood was filled with playing in the woods, working on projects, mending fences, chopping and moving firewood, thinning and pruning orchard trees; and much to his chagrin, taking care of cows, chickens, horses, goats, pigs, lizards, rats, dogs, and cats (though he managed to finagle himself out of this as he got older).

When not terrorizing on the mountain, Caleb was involved in many outreach events, primarily with and run by his parents and extended family. He performed in puppet shows and skits at Daubenspeck Park in Bingen, sharing stories about the Gospel to local kids. His Halloweens were spent staffing carnival games and pressing fresh apple cider at the Festival of Light in White Salmon; giving out Bibles and preaching Christ’s message to the families that came. He stuffed and hid hundreds of Easter eggs around Daubenspeck Park for another outreach (even going as far as to dress up in a bunny costume, although that lucky task usually landed on his brother).

Now, as well as owning his own food brokerage business, Arkaios, Caleb has continued to pursue his zeal for ministry. In fact, God often asks him to put his business aside, trusting Him for financial provision, to devote the majority of his time to discipling men, being available to serve others, and to seeking the Lord’s direction. 

I asked Caleb, if he could say one thing to encourage our church body, what it would be; this was his response:

“Figure out how to be less busy with all the things that don’t matter in life, and try to find what you’re passionate about in the church. It is easy to separate faith - our church faith, and the rest of life faith – and not blend them very well. God has been teaching me that it is essential to blend them together to walk out your calling. At the end of the day, faith is our first priority, over work and everything else. It is not how God’s calling fits into our lives, but how our lives fit within our callings.

You have to take the time to work through this. It is easy to look at the world around you and want all of it: the life, the house, the career, the calling; to strive for what culture says you should strive for. However, this is not the example that Christ or the disciples gave. It is so easy to fall into, walking out our faith as second priority. God will help us reorganize our lives when we walk out in obedience to how he is calling us.

God will provide if you are faithful to trust Him. For the past 3 years, I have watched God provide income for my wife and I. Neither of us work conventional or full-time jobs, which should not be possible especially in the area in which we live. God has always provided as needed, giving us our daily bread. Often God provides over and above, but when we are faithful, He always provides our daily bread. “

Caleb’s Spiritual Giftings: Faith and Leadership

Caleb’s Talents: Inspiring and motivating others & solving problems